Extermination Services in Douglasville, GA

Wildlife Removal — animal control in Douglasville, GA
Chandler Exterminators, Inc. provides residential and commercial termite, wildlife removal, and pest control services in Douglasville, Georgia, and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of services and options to choose from. Our clients are residents, county schools, commercial builders, and realtors.

The products we use in the performance of our pest control and extermination services are name brand and have been quality-tested to ensure they are safe for humans, pets, and the environment. They are also eco-friendly which means there is no residue, odor, or lasting effects. For your peace of mind, our wildlife and animal control services are humane. All animals are relocated to a safe habitat and steps are taken to keep them from returning to your property.

Residential Services include:

Pest Control
Fire Ants
Yard Treatments
Pest Shields
Fungus Treatment
Woodboring Beetle Treatment
Wasp/Hornet Treatment
Wildlife Trapping
Wildlife Management Services

Commercial Services include:

Pest Control
Inspection Letter
Rodent Letters

Realtor Services include:

Termite Inspections
All Residential Services Offered

Builder Services include:

Pretreat Service
Clearance Letters
To request an estimate, or schedule a consultation call Chandler Exterminators, Inc. at (770) 942-6267.